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Onondaga County


Onondaga County is located in the west central portion of New York State. As of the census of 2000, the population was 458,336 and the 2010 census had the population at 467,026. The county seat is located in Syracuse. 

There are numerous locations within the county to hike, bike, explore and create your own adventures.  Whether you head to one of the many county parks like Pratts Falls or walk along the beach at Oneida Shores or bike/skate in Onondaga Lake Park. You can also look for adventure in Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area or hike along the North Country National Scenic Trail in rugged Morgan Hill State Forest or take a pleasant walk along an old railroad bed in Skaneateles on the Charlie Major Nature Trail or take in the views at South Meadows in Tully.  Onondaga County has a place nearby to hike, explore and create your own adventure.

The highest point in Onondaga County is at 2057 feet along Morgan Hill located just east of Morgan Hill State Forest on private property.

The name Onondaga comes from the name of the Native American people who lived here, who called themselves Onoda'gega, sometimes spelled Onontakeka. The word means "People of the Hills." Sometimes the term was Onondagaono ("The People of the Hills"). Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people continue to reside in a separate nation within Onondaga County called the "Onondaga Nation".

Look below for a map with some locations and numerous links to assist in helping find your next adventure here in Onondaga County.  If you have a place or link you'd like us to add, please e-mail us at  Thanks for visiting our website. 

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities in Onondaga County

Clark Reservation Green Lakes Three Rivers WMA
Hamlin Marsh WMA Cicero Swamp WMA Labrador Hollow
Morgan Hill State Forest Onondaga Trail Highland Forest
Beaver Lake Pratts Falls Onondaga Lake
Spafford Forest Long Branch Jamesville Beach
Oneida Shores Amberations Lakeview Park
Baltimore Woods Onondaga Creekwalk Bear Trap Creek Trail
South Meadows Old Fly Marsh Tracy Lake
Bigsby Drumlin Friendship Woods Whiskey Hollow
Old Erie Canal Trail Camillus Erie Canal Park Camillus Forest Unique Area
Three Falls Woods Old Erie Canal State Historic Park Mercy Mountain
Best of the NCT - Spruce Pond to Jones Hill Charlie Major Nature Trail Marcellus Falls
Camillus Valley Riverwalk Nature Preserve Marie's Woods
Elbridge Swamp Fellows Hill Loop Trail Labrador Hollow Nature Trail
Limestone Creek Trail Mason Hill Heron Marsh
Lockwood Properties Skyline Trail Woodchuck Hill Preserve
Rand Tract Bucktail Falls Brickyard Falls
Emerson Gulf Fellows Falls Edwards Falls/ Old Dam Falls
Orenda Springs High Vista Preserve

Skaneateles Conservation Area

Peppermill Gulf The Beattie Sanctuary Butternut Creek Recreational Area
Fiddlers Green Richards Green Space Ryder Recreation & Nature Area
Wiesner Green Space Willis Carrier Recreation Area Mills Run Park
Edgecliff Park Otisco Lake Preserrve Hinchcliff Family Preserve
Ripley Hill Nature Preserve Pleasant Valley Preserve High Hickory Preserve

Perry Springs Park

Nancy Browne Wildlife Sanctuary  
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map of Onondaga County

View from Highland Forest County Park


Spruce Pond in Morgan Hill State Forest

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