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Beaver Lake Nature Center's over nine miles of winding hiking trails can be enjoyed in all seasons. The 200 acre glacial lake is a migratory stop for thousands of Canada geese.  Located just off NY 690 & NY 370 on East Mud Lake Road.  You'll find the entrance at 8477 East Mud Lake Road just west of Baldwinsville.  There is an admission fee to enter the park.  Check their website to find out the current fee and events at the park.  The park is open year round except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Note: Dogs are not allowed at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Plus, bikes are not allowed on the trails.

Beaver Lake Hiking Trails

Over 9 miles of well maintained walking trails across gentle and varied terrain can create the perfect hiking adventure. Beaver Lake's 600+ acres are the perfect setting for family fun. Look below for brief info on each of the hiking trails at this popular park.

Lakeview Trail - 0.3 miles- the expressway to the Beaver Lake shore.

Hemlock Hollow - 0.4 miles -the name itself suggests what you will find - a cool and shaded hide-away.

Pine Meadow - 0.5 miles - An isolated meadow shielded by pines on one side and a mixed forest on the other makes a storybook setting for rabbits, woodchucks and deer.

Bog - .6 miles - Our elevated boardwalk is your invitation to visit a habitat different from any other you may have expereinced. Yellow warblers declare ownership from the tops of spindly alders, while insect-eating pitcher plants and lady's slipper orchids grace the soggy floor.

Deep Woods - 1.4 miles - this trail affords hikers a long and meandering walk through the serenity of a maturing forest.

Three Meadows - 1.5 miles - Daisies dancing on warm breezes will put extra spring in your step as you cross sunny fields before enjoying the cool respite of the forest.

Lake Loop - 3.0 miles - Nearly 3/4 of a mile of boardwalk lets you immerse yourself in a variety of wetlands, yet still keep your feet dry.

Well maintained trails at Beaver Lake Nature Center

Boardwalk along the Lake Loop Trail

Lean To at Beaver Lake Nature Center

Map of Beaver Lake Hiking Trails

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