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Best of the NCT in NY




A very popular section of the North Country Trail in Cazenovia is one of the "best of the NCT in NY".  This 2.5 mile section of the NCT follows the old Lehigh Valley Railroad and coincides with the Link Trail.  This is a five mile out and back hike, but is a very easy hike with a minimal elevation change.

This hike begins off Williams Street near the old railroad depot.  Park in the small parking area across the street and begin your hike by heading north between the two old railroad buildings along the old railroad bed (see panorama below).  In no time you will cross Chittenango Creek on the old railroad bridge (panorama above) and then cross Clark Street.  There is a small parking area and kiosk here.

Chittenango Creek follows close along most of this section of the trail.  After passing a pumping station on your left, the "gorge section" begins.  I'm sure there are more scenic gorges in the state, but this is a pleasant walk along a scenic creek.  There are three benches spread along the length of this section for those who require a break.

When you reach the staircase for Bingley Road, simply turn around and retrace your steps back to Williams Street for a total hike of five miles out and back.

Bridge over Chittenango Creek
Mile Elevation Trail Description (south to north)
0.0 1179 feet

Trailhead Parking off Williams Street by old railroad depot. Follow the blue blazes north.

0.15 1171 feet

Cross Chittenango Creek on old railroad bridge.

0.3 1172 feet

Cross Clark Street.  Parking.

0.7 1171 feet

Cross stream.  To your left is "Cazenovia Gorge".

2.5 1038 feet

After descending down wooden stairs, reach Bingley Road.  To return simply retrace your steps.



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