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Best of the North Country Trail
in New York

Creek Gorge



A nice walk along the rim of a scenic small gorge, a walk in a vineyard, a walk along old railroad tracks and a footbridge placed at a scenic location are just some of the reasons why this 2.2 mile section of trail is one of "The Best of the North Country Trail in New York".

This entire section of trail is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY.  You must stay on the trail at all times.  There is NO CAMPING or FIRES allowed at anytime along this section of trail.  There are times where the trail runs close to cliffs, which can be dangerous and are not suited for everyone.

Starting at the trailhead along County Route 88, your hike starts out as a stroll in a vineyard with views of the surrounding hills.  You'll see why this area is called "Pleasant Valley".  After a quarter mile the trail leaves the vineyard and soon crosses Keuka Lake Inlet on a well built footbridge.  The trail briefly follows the inlet, which allows for a scenic picture with the stream, vineyard and the hills all in view.

After leaving the inlet, your next destination is the old railroad tracks of the Bath & Hammondsport Railroad.  Unlike many other railroad companies, the B & H is still in business.  This section of the railroad is no longer used, however it is part of the original nine miles of the railroad that was completed back in 1875.

After a level walk in the woods, the trail begins it's journey along the rim of an emerging gorge.  There are larger gorges plus bigger and prettier waterfalls in the state.  This small gorge is relatively unknown.  For most of your hike on the rim, there are a few views and the sounds of the rushing Mitchellsville Creek below.

When you reach the gate with the stile, this marks the end of this easy to moderate 2.2 mile one way hike with a 600+ foot elevation gain.  Simply turn around and retrace your steps for a total hike of 4.4 miles along one of the best sections of the NCT in New York.  Look below for pictures, a video, a map and detailed description of this great hike.

Directions:  From Bath, take NY 54 North.  Turn Left on County Route 88 aka Pleasant Valley Rd and then veer right to stay on County Route 88.  The is a green Finger Lakes Trail sign on your left.  Parking is along the shoulder of the road on the same side as the sign.  The GPS coordinates are N42 23.445 W77 15.542 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.

Mile Elevation Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0 813 ft

This hike starts by following white blazes into vineyard.  Parking along shoulder of road.  There is NO CAMPING or FIRES allowed on this section of trail.

0.25 822 ft

Leave vineyard, trail enters woods.  Views behind you.

0.3 812 ft

Cross Keuka Lake Inlet on a footbridge.

0.5 824 ft

Reach the old railroad tracks of the Bath & Hammondsport Railroad.  Turn left, follow railroad tracks.

0.55 824 ft

Turn right off old railroad tracks.

0.7 858 ft

Trail turn left just prior to reaching Mitchellsville Creek.

0.9 926 ft

Trail starts to follow rim of the emerging gorge.

1.3 1103 ft

Trail follows woods road.  Nice waterfall below.

1.4 1140 ft

Woods road enters edge of field.  Watch blazes closely.  Trail leaves woods road and ascends back into woods.

1.75 1261 ft

Trail register.

2.2 1421 ft

Reach gate and stile. Turn around and retrace your steps.

Pictures from along the North Country Trail

Trailhead and start of this hike off County Route 88

Footbridge over Keuka Lake Inlet

Waterfall in Mitchellsville Creek Gorge

View of a field from the stile/gate at the end of this hike

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