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North Country Trail

Tobes Hill


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This 6.7 mile section of the North Country Trail features the small city of Hornell and the fantastic views from Tobes Hill. All of the off road sections of this stretch of the North Country Trail are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY. No camping is allowed on this section of off road trail. There are motels along the road walk that thru hikers can utilize. The North Country Trail coincides with the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail in this section.

If you are thru hiking the North Country Trail and you are walking through Hornell, you'll find numerous restaurants, a few motels and re-supply points available for you.  The trail leaves County Route 70A and follows a dead end dirt road.  This whole section of trail is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY. The dirt road becomes a faint old farm track and you'll pass an old barn as your hiking.  The trail leaves the woods and meets a farm lane after 0.9 miles.  As you ascend up the farm lane there are nice views behind you.

The views are spectacular as you hike along the edge of the field.  Don't forget to look behind you for more views!  The views continue until you leave the field into another stand of pines for your final walk toward Turnpike Road.  From there you have a 1.1 mile road walk as the trail follows Turnpike Road then takes a right onto Lain Road to the next off road section of the trail.  There are more views along Lain Road.

Look below for maps and a detailed description of this section of the trail.  Page is under construction - 5/20/2016

NCT turns up this dirt road off CR 70A



Mile Elevation Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0   This section starts as the trail follows County Route 66. Shoulder Parking. GPS N42 21.970 W77 40.905
    Pass a Super 8 on left. Cross busy NY 36. There is a Wal-Mart SuperCenter to the south along NY 36.
    Turn right on Seneca Road North.
0.9   Left off road toward the Econo Lodge. Parking at businesses. GPS N42 21.771 W77 40.009
0.0 1264 ft

the trail turns right off County Route 70A following dirt road.  Take the dirt road with the dead end, do not enter and Finger Lakes Trail sign up the hill (see picture below).  Parking available across road on County Route 70A.  Road turns into faint old farm track.  Follow white blazes.  Pass old barn.  Trail follows next to gully as you ascend.

0.9 1664 ft

Turn right on farm lane.

1.1 1730 ft

Look behind you for great views.

1.3 1745 ft

Farm Lane turns left, trail veers right off lane following edge of field.

1.4 1744 ft

Trail follows farm lane. SEE REROUTE ABOVE!

1.8 1904 ft

Pass under power lines,  trail veers left.  Other "paths" in the area.  Follow white blazes.

2.1 1920 ft

Reach old road.  Turn left following old road past radio tower and cell tower.

2.3 1791 ft

Reach Tobes Hill Road.  Follow road straight past stop sign (now on Lain Road).  Parking.

2.4 1788 ft

Trail turns right off Lain Road into stand of pines.

2.8 1617 ft

Reach Lower Glen Avenue.  Parking.  Turn right follow road.

2.85 1596 ft

Trail turns left off road.  Parking.

2.95 1631 ft

Trail Register.

3.15 1578 ft

Cross stream.  Ascend.

3.5 1791 ft

Enter field.  Views and then more views.  See panorama above.

3.65 1844 ft

Trail turns left into pines.

3.75 1870 ft

Reach Turnpike Road and the end of this section.  Road walk for 1.1 miles.  See Burt Hill State Forest for a continuation.

Updated map coming soon....

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