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North Country Trail

Burt Hill
State Forest


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This 5.4 mile section of the North Country Trail features Burt Hill State Forest in Steuben County. The NCT coincides with the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail during this stretch of trail.

This section begins as the trail turns left off Lain Rd.  The trail follows a fence briefly before descending sometimes steeply toward Cunningham Creek Road, which is reached after 0.5 miles of hiking.  The trail follows the dirt road just to cross the creek before re-entering private property on an ATV trail.

After awhile the trail comes back toward Cunningham Creek and you'll be crossing a few deep gullies before finally ascending, following near a field edge.  There are views through the trees, but don't worry the best views are ahead of you as you cross Windfall Road (2.95 miles of hiking) and the trail follows along a field.  The views here are spectacular (see panorama above).  The trail leaves the field and ascends toward Burt Hill Road.

Cross the dirt Burt Hill Road and enter Burt Hill State Forest at 3.25 miles. After a nice walk through a stand of pines, the trail winds to an almost straight line as it follows the state forest boundary. At 3.8 miles of hiking reach a trail register and a blue blazed trail that leads to the Burt Hill Lean To.  Bears have been seen near the lean to. You should hang any food if you are at the lean to.  There is an open air privy at this lean to, which is reached via a short yellow blazed trail. There is a FLT/NCT sign with mileage near the register.

The trail now descends toward and crosses a small stream.  Soon the trail will leave the state forest and enters private property.  The trail emerges from the woods and follows the edge of a field up to South Woods Road at 4.1 miles.  From here the trail follows dirt Spencer Hill Road.  At 4.55 miles you will be rewarded with an almost 360 degree view from Spencer Hill.  The trail descends continuing to follow Spencer Hill Road to Stephens Gulch Road and the end of this section.

Look below for a few pictures, a video, maps and a detailed description of this section of the trail.  This stretch of the FLT/NCT is featured on map M10 from the FLTC.

FLT/NCT reaching Windfall Road

FLT/NCT at South Woods Road

Mile Elevation Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0 1825 ft

This section starts as the trail turns left off Lain Road.  Follow fence.  Hiking on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

0.5 1423 ft

Turn right on Cunningham Creek Road.  Parking.

0.6 1453 ft

Turn left off road and follow ATV trail up hill.

1.4 1576 ft

Cunningham Creek is below.

1.9 1643 ft

Turn right and ascend next to stream gully.

2.6 1873 ft

Turn right and follow near field edge in woods.

2.95 1943 ft

Cross Windfall Road.  Views.  Trail now follows edge of field.  More views.

3.1 1937 ft

Leave field and enter woods.  Ascend.

3.25 2007 ft

Cross Burt Hill Road and enter Burt Hill State Forest.  Parking.

3.8 1753 ft

Trail Register.  Blue Blazed trail on right leads to Burt Hill Lean To.  Picnic Table, fire ring.  No Privy.

4.0 1817 ft

Leave woods and enter edge of field.  PRIVATE PROPERTY.

4.1 1879 ft

Reach South Woods Road.  Parking.  Follow Spencer Hill Road.

4.55 2128 ft

Highest point on this section of trail.  Nearly 360 degree view from Spencer Hill Road.  Descend.

5.4 1584 ft

Reach Stephens Gulch Road and the end of this section.


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