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Oswego County
Recreational Trail


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The Oswego County Recreation Trail is actually two trails, a western section and an eastern section. The trail follows the route of the old New York Ontario & Western Railroad, which was abandoned in 1957. The western section runs from the city of Fulton's Maple Avenue to the village of Central Square at US 11, just short of Interstate 81. I-81 was built after the NYO&W was abandoned, and no provision was made to preserve the right-of-way. In other locations, the highway bridge over the railroad, or the railroad bridge over the highway has been preserved.

To get around I-81 and reach the eastern section, you must travel on roads through Central Square. North on US 11, west on NY 49 across I-81, and south on County Route 37 takes you back to the trail. The trail is actually walk able to the west, but it dead-ends in a removed railroad bridge over a creek. Once back on the eastern section of the trail, it continues on to the village of Cleveland and the Oneida County line. The right-of-way continues as a privately owned trail open for some uses.

The trail has not been resurfaced except in a few eroded spots. The railroad had ballasted with crushed rock, which remains the surface of the trail. The trail crosses many steams using the original railroad bridges. They have been decked over with steel decking. Any road which crosses the the trail may be used to gain access to the trail. Convenient parking is available at County Route 6, south of Fulton; on Toad Harbor Road, off NY 49, near Three Mile Bay; and in the village of Cleveland on North Street.

Use the links above or below for maps & trail mileage/descriptions of the Oswego County Recreational Trail.

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