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This 4.9 mile section of the North Country Trail begins in the small hamlet of Swain, NY near the Sierra Inn. The trail follows Mill Street to the end of the road where you'll continue past a fenced tubing hill and climb up to an old railroad bed. This is the old Pittsburgh Shawmutt & Northern Railroad.  The trail enters a privately owned wildlife sanctuary at a gate and eventually some old farm machinery as well as a trail register before reaching Monegan Road (aka Isaman Hill Rd). This stretch of the North Country Trail coincides with the Finger Lakes Trail. Follow the white blazes.

In November 2009, over six miles of new trails were opened that travel through woods and occasionally along the edge of a field, all of it maintained as a private wildlife preserve. The Robinson Loop Trails gives hikers the chance to explore the wildlife sanctuary with the opportunity to create loop hikes of a variety of lengths. These side trails are part of the Finger Lakes Trail System. The trails can be accessed off the main North Country Trail with parking available on Moneghan Road at a town turn around. It's now a road walk into the small hamlet of Garwoods, where the trail heads down Gates Road to the end of the road. After going through the landowners gate (close it behind you), you have your choice of trail to take up the first part of the hill.  The white trail takes you steeply up a gully in a slippery stream bed with stinging nettles in the summer or the blue trail that follows a tractor lane with nice views behind you. I would recommend the blue trail. 

At four miles you will reach another trail junction where the NCT turns left. The blue blazed trail that goes right leads 0.1 mile to Bossards Cabin. This cabin is available for backpackers and there is an outhouse. There is no water at the site and should be brought in. The landowners family uses the cabin from Oct 15-Dec 15 and may not be available during that time. At 4.2 miles you reach the highpoint in this section and begin a descent first toward Friener Road and then to Slader Creek Road.  As you begin your descent, there are views to the south.  At 4.9 miles reach Slader Creek Road and the end of this section. Look below for a detailed description and a map. 

North Country Trail at Monegan Road


Mile Elevation North Country Trail Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0 1316 feet

This section begins at corner of CR 24 and Mill Street in the small hamlet of Swain. Parking. GPS N42 28.677 W77 51.210 NCT turns left on Mill Street. Blue blazed trail goes straight 0.3 miles to a designated campsite on private property. Follow road.

0.2 1312 feet

Left onto old railroad bed.

0.6 1339 feet

Pass gate.  Junction of the Yellow Robinson Loop Trail on your left.

0.8 1347 feet

Junction of the Yellow Access Trail on your left. Trail veers right off railroad bed briefly. Soon junction of the Orange Robinson Loop Trail on your right. Cross stream.

1.0 1368 feet

Leaving Allegany County, entering Livingston County.

1.55 1402 feet

Junction of the Blue Robinson Loop Trail on your right.

1.7 1424 feet

Junction of the Yellow 1 Robinson Loop Trail on your left.

1.75 1430 feet

Trail register.  Soon steps and then left onto driveway (which is old railroad bed).

1.95 1447 feet

Turn left on Moneghan Road. Limited shoulder parking. GPS N42 27.498 W77 50.324 There is pull over parking further up the road. GPS N42 27.479 W77 50.407

2.25 1303 feet

Left on County Route 15B.

2.8 1276 feet

Right onto Gate Road. Shoulder parking. GPS N42 27.585 W77 49.480

3.15 1318 feet

Go through landowner gate (close behind you). Junction of Blue Trail. Blue Trail is easier. Ascend steeply in creek bed.

3.35 1448 feet

Trail register.

3.6 1563 feet

Blue Trail comes in on left.  Continue to ascend.

4.0 1794 feet

Blue Blazed Trail on right leads 0.1 mile to Bossards Cabin with outhouse. Cabin available to hikers except from Oct 15-Dec15 due to use by landowners family. NCT turns left.

4.1 1800 feet

Trail turns right.

4.2 1864 feet

Highest point on trail along this section.

4.25 1859 feet

Views toward the south.  Two stiles to cross as you descend.

4.55 1739 feet

Left on Freiner Road for 200 feet, then right off road beside hedgerow in field.

4.9 1602 feet

Reach Slader Creek Road and the end of this section. Trail turns right & follows road. Limited parking down the road near next trailhead. GPS N42 26.021 W77 49.439 For a continuation of the NCT see Klipnocky State Forest.

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