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North Country Trail

Poverty Hill


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This six mile section of the North Country Trail features Poverty Hill. This entire stretch of the NCT is on PRIVATE PROPERTY and there are major trail closures for HUNTING during certain times of the year. This stretch of the NCT coincides with the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail.

This section runs from NY 242 just west of Ellicottville, NY to US 219 just north of Ellicottville, NY.  This section of the trail is completely on private property and passes near the summit of Poverty Hill (elevation 2321 feet). This moderate section of hiking has an overall elevation gain of over 1600 feet.  Please respect landowners rights and stay on the trail.  There is no camping in this section of the trail.  Remember it is due to the generosity of these landowners that the trail is allowed to pass through their property.  There are major parts of the trail in this section that is CLOSED for hunting.  See below for more details and dates.

Look below for a map and trail description of this section of the trail.  This section of the North Country Trail is also part of the Conservation Trail.

Looking down at US 219 from along the FLT/NCT/CT (picture by Kirk Doyle)


Mile Elevation North Country Trail Description
0.0 1634 ft

Trail turns right off NY 242. Parking. GPS N42 16.488 W78 41.173 Follow white blazes. Ascend. 

1.9 2209 ft

Reach a high point and begin a sometimes steep descent.

2.55 1616 ft

Cross Elk Creek.

2.65 1633 ft

Cross Ellicottville Maples Rd.  Begin steep ascent.  Trail is closed for hunting from here to Poverty Hill Rd from Oct. 1 - Feb. 28 and Apr. 15 - May 31.  Please stay off the trail during these dates.

2.7 1680 ft

Trail veers left into evergreens, then left onto old logging road.  Soon enter open area.  Follow white blazes closely in this section.

3.6 2303 ft

Reach high point near summit of Poverty Hill.  PRIVATE PROPERTY stay on trail.

4.25 2011 ft

Turn right on Poverty Hill Road.

4.4 1976 ft

Turn left off road and follow hedgerow.  Views.  NOTE: This section of trail is CLOSED for HUNTING from May 1-31 and Oct 10 - Dec 21.  Please stay off trail during these dates.

4.5 2074 ft

Trail turns left.

4.6 2080 ft

Trail turns right.

5.35 2004 ft

Trail turns right and begins descent using switchbacks toward US 219.

5.9 1654 ft

Cross creek.

6.0 1702 ft

Reach US 219 and the end of this section.  Shoulder Parking.  Trail continues across US 219.  For a continuation see Irish Hill.

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