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North Country Trail
Danby State Forest

Eastern Section


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This 6.9 mile section of the North Country Trail features the eastern part of the Danby State Forest including the highest point along the NCT within Danby State Forest as well as the Tamarack Lean To. The white blazed Finger Lakes Trail coincides with the NCT during this stretch of trail.

The eastern section of the NCT in Danby State Forest begins at South Danby Road in the middle of Danby State Forest and covers the eastern part of the state forest.  The trail gradually climbs and crosses seasonal dirt Travor Road.  From here the trail reaches the highest point on the trail within Danby State Forest, then passes Tamarack Lean-To before beginning the descent toward Danby Creek and NY 96B.

The trail crosses NY 96B and soon follows a gas pipeline right of way before turning onto Durfee Hill Road.  The trail leaves the state forest and follows a private woods road, then turns onto the very rough seasonal dirt Heisey Road. The trail reaches seasonal dirt Eastman Hill Road (another rough dirt road). It is recommended not to drive on these roads or to take extra care if you decide to try. It is recommended not to drive on these roads after heavy rain.

The trail turns off the seasonal dirt road into the woods and ascends to the top of Eastman Hill (elevation 1672 feet). This section is CLOSED for hunting from 10/13 - 12/25.  Soon there are occasional overlooks with views of the valley below.  The trail also begins a 600 foot drop in less than a mile to the valley and Coddington Road.  Look below for a detailed description as well as a map of this stretch of the trail.

Mileage Elevation Trail Description
0.0 1345 feet

Trail crosses S. Danby Road and ascends. DEC parking lot to the north. GPS N42 18.492 W76 26.596

1.0 1679 feet

Trail turns left and begins to parallel seasonal dirt Travor Road.

1.35 1632 feet

Cross Travor Road.

1.7 1714 feet

Highest point along trail in Danby State Forest.

1.9 1671 feet

Tamarack Lean-To.  Begin steep descent toward NY 96B & Danby Creek.

2.7 1160 feet

Cross NY 96B then turn right following a gas pipeline.

3.0 1173 feet

Turn left on Durfee Hill Road. Some shoulder parking. GPS N42 19.598 W76 25.172

3.7 1594 feet

Trail turns right onto a private woods road.  Leaving Danby State Forest.

5.2 1560 feet

Turn left on seasonal dirt Heisey Road (very rough road).

5.5 1529 feet

Turn left on seasonal dirt Eastman Hill Road.  Another very rough road.

5.6 1530 feet

Trail turns right off seasonal road into woods.  Entering Private Property.  This section is CLOSED for hunting from 10/13 to 12/25.

6.0 1672 feet

Summit of Eastman Hill and soon overlooks with views toward Willseyville Valley.

6.6 1294 feet

Reach abandoned section of Eastman Hill road, turn right following old road.  Trail now descends steeply into the valley.

6.85 1092 feet

Reach Coddington Road and the end of this section.  For a continuation see Shindagin State Forest.

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