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North Country Trail

Whiskey Bridge
to Dalton


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This 8.7 mile section of the North Country trail begins as the trail crosses the Whiskey Bridge over the Genesee River. The orange blazed Letchworth Trail goes north at the Whiskey Bridge. The NCT coincides with the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail along this section of the trail. The trail follows Bailey Road briefly prior to turning right onto a private drive (Hampton Road) as the trail ascends away from the Genesee River. After the trail leaves the private drive, it follows close to the unstable sandy cliffs above the river. There are some views.

After leaving South River Road, the trail reaches the privately owned "Hesse Lean To" shelter. Hikers are welcomed here as long as the family isn't using the shelter. The trail now passes the Wallace D Wood Stone Memorial. Wally Wood was the first board president of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference.  It was his idea to build the Finger Lakes Trail across the state, which was done before the existence of the North Country Trail.

After leaving Pennycook Road at a fence stile, there are some views as you hike along gently rolling terrain. The trail follows more roads for a short time before heading up "Carl Didas Private Drive". From here the trail has more views to the north as you hike in a mixture of woods then fields. Another short road walk before the final nice hike along Keshequa Creek. The trail ascends along the creek for a time before heading away to Old State Road and the end of this section. Look below for some pictures, a detailed description and maps of this section of the NCT.

NCT at Whiskey Bridge and Letchworth Trail JCT

Hesse Lean To (picture courtesy of Kirk Doyle)

Wally Wood Memorial (picture by Kirk Doyle)


Mile Elevation North Country Trail Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0 1101 feet

This section begins as the trail crosses the Whiskey Bridge over the Genesee River. Parking available under bridge. GPS N42 33.513 W78 02.869 Cross bridge and veer right along Bailey Road. Entering Livingston County.

0.45 1126 feet

Turn right on PRIVATE Hampton Road (around gate). 

0.85 1152 feet

Take left fork uphill on dirt lane.

1.1 1228 feet

Left just prior to "Dead End" sign.

1.4 1361 feet

View of Genesee River Valley.

2.5 1403 feet

Left on dirt South River Road. Shoulder parking. GPS N42 32.048 W78 02.020

2.7 1397 feet

Right off road. Trail follows stream.

2.8 1435 feet

Hesse Lean To (Hikers welcome if family is not using). Soon pass Wallace Wood Memorial.

3.4 1515 feet

Left on Pennycook Road. Shoulder Parking. GPS N42 32.285 W78 01.404

3.5 1506 feet

Right off road at fence stile. Some views.

5.05 1491 feet

Trail register. Cross Short Tract Road. Parking. GPS N42 32.482 W78 00.013

5.8 1583 feet

Left on Smith Road.

5.95 1596 feet

Right on Smith Hill Road.

6.0 1597 feet

Quick left up "Carl Didas Private Drive".  Follow white blazes.  Views ahead to the north.

6.95 1701 feet

Highest point along this section of the trail.

7.15 1623 feet

Cross Grey Road.

7.7 1388 feet

Cross Hunt Hollow Road and follow Cheese Factory Road. Parking. GPS N42 32.211 W77 57.785

8.0 1312 feet

Just after bridge over creek, trail turns right off road. Nice walk along Keshequa Creek.

8.7 1473 feet

Reach Old State Road (County Road 24) and the end of this section. For a continuation of the NCT see Rattlesnake WMA.

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