Hiking in Adirondack Park

Southwestern Adirondacks Ferris Lake Wild Forest
Hiking in Adirondack Park
Southwestern Adirondacks

Ferris Lake Wild Forest

Broomstick Lake


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Most people drive right by the unmarked, hidden small parking area (us included) for the trailhead to Broomstick Lake.  There is no sign or register for the trail. The small parking area is off NY 10 just about one mile north of Pine Lake and the NY 29A junction. A short dirt road leads from NY 10 to the small, hidden parking area. The parking area has room for three vehicles. The GPS coordinates are N43 12.270 W74 31.739 for those who have a GPS devise.

The hike is a pleasant walk with a surprising number of nice little cascades viewed from the trail. The hike is a 1.7 mile round trip with an overall elevation gain of 334 feet. The hike to the lake is a steady, but an easy climb that can be enjoyed by most everyone. The lake is a small, pretty lake with a nice rocky area at the end of the trail that looks like it could be a nice spot for a picnic.

The trail leaves the small parking area and you immediately hear the sounds of water nearby as well as the occasional car on NY 10.  There are a few yellow ski discs to follow, however the trail is well defined as your following the old dirt road.  You may noticed the old metal posts for an old barrier.  The trail bends to the right and soon you cross a couple of streams, one with some small cascades.

After 0.25 miles there is an unmarked herd path that leads to a partial view of cascades.  At 0.35 miles is a nice spot to take a break where the trail comes next to the stream with a small waterfall.  The trail becomes muddier and that sucking sound you hear could be your boots, ankle deep in mud.  You should also hear the loud sound of water rushing nearby.  At 0.6 miles pass by a field of ferns with a faint herd path that travels to an impressive 15 foot cascade.

The trail to the lake becomes a bit tougher to follow as it looks like many folks give up.  At 0.7 miles reach the edge of a marsh near the outlet of the lake.  The trail again become muddy as you pass through a boggy area before the trail turns and you reach the lake at 0.85 miles. The trail ends at an area at the lake's outlet with a large bare rock area giving visitors a nice picnic spot.

To return, simply retrace your steps.  Below we have a few pictures, a video and a map of this hike. This trail is off the beaten path because the trailhead is not signed (2010).  The path looks like it does get good traffic, however is not as busy as nearby Nine Corner Lake. Broomstick Lake is one of those unknown gems in the southern Adirondacks.

Other short hikes worth exploring in this area include Nine Corner Lake, Kane Mountain, Jockeybush Lake, Good Luck Lake and Good Luck Mountain Cliffs.  Also check out a day hike to Stewart Lake and Indian Lake.


Pictures from the hike to Broomstick Lake

Looking back toward NY 10 from the small unmarked parking area

Trail follows an old woods road

Small cascade along the trail

15 foot cascade just off the main trail



Hiking in Adirondack Park

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Ferris Lake Wild Forest

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