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Tied Lake is located in the 23,816 acre Pepperbox Wilderness. It is one of the few destinations that you can drive your vehicle to reach in the Pepperbox Wilderness, however it is a long drive on a seasonal dirt road, with the final one mile on a rough road. You'll pass Hog Pond on the way to Tied Lake. There is a designated campsite and a small parking area located near the gate that prevents more travel.

To reach Tied Lake, you will first need to drive ten miles along the seasonal dirt Bear Pond Road through Watson's East Triangle Wild Forest. There is a side road on the right that has a sign that states Tied Lake is 1.1 miles away. The GPS coordinates of the junction of the Tied Lake Road is N43 59.546 W75 03.711. The road is a prmimitive cooridor because the road is the access route to a large private inholding west of Gregg Lake. The DEC allows the public to use the road up to the gate just past Tied Lake.

The Tied Lake Road immediately climbs a ridge with Hog Pond on your right after climbing steeply for about 0.5 miles. This climb on this narrow dirt road might make most people double think why their trying to drive on this road, There is a side road that looks like it might go down toward the pond, but I am unsure if it is a road for vehicles. At 1.1 miles you reach Tied Lake on your left. The gate is just ahead and a small parking area. There is a campsite on the lake. I was amazed that someone was camping there with a good size camper when I visited in late September 2016. That must have been a fun drive with the camper. The campsite looked to be in a nice spot overlooking the lake.


Signs for Tied Lake off Bear Pond Road


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