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Scrappy (2003-2014)

My beloved hiking buddy Scrappy passed away on Friday, March 28, 2014 after a battle with cancer. She would've been 11 years old in August. She hiked many miles on many hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail, North Country Trail, Long Path, Finger Lakes Trail, Letchworth Trail, Link Trail, Bristol Hills Trail, Great Eastern Trail, Northville-Placid Trail, Devils Path and the Escarpment Trail to name just a few. She was a loyal companion on many of our hiking adventures and will be missed. Her legacy lives on in this website, with the many hiking videos she is featured in and the many pictures of her. The above picture is from one her many visits to Hemlock Lean To in Morgan Hill State Forest.

Scrappy looking for hikers on the trail on Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks in November 2009