Hiking in Adirondack Park

West-Central Adirondacks Blue Ridge Wilderness
Hiking in the Adirondacks
West Central Adirondacks
Blue Ridge Wilderness

Sagamore Lake


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The very popular 3.8 mile Sagamore Lake Loop follows an old logging road around the scenic lake located in the Blue Ridge Wilderness  of Adirondack Park.  This hike takes you deep into the wilderness before bringing you back near the Great Camp Sagamore National Historic Landmark that was once the Vanderbilt's wilderness estate from 1901-1954.  Only guests of the great camp are allowed on the property. The main trail is not on the camp property.

The Sagamore Lake Loop begins at the large DEC parking area off Sagamore Road. The parking area is on the right across from some buildings of the Sagamore Camp.  From the parking area, walk back to Sagamore Road and turn left following the dirt road.  At 0.1 miles cross Sagamore Lake Outlet on a bridge.  In a short distance turn right at an intersection on the main entrance road for the Sagamore Camp. 

At 0.3 miles, just before reaching the gate for the Sagamore Camp bridge/property, turn left onto an old logging road.  Sagamore Lake is visible and side trails on the right will take you a short distance to shore for a scenic view.  The trail passes a couple of large boulders to block vehicles from the trail and a trail register. 

After looping around the lake on the well worn trail, turn right and follow Sagamore Road back to the parking area. The whole loop hike is 3.8 miles and is very easy.  This hike can be enjoyed by all members of the family.  Be sure that you bring enough water and food on your hike.

Look below for a couple of pictures and a trail map of the great loop hike.


Gate near the Great Sagamore Camp

Sagamore Lake Loop passing large boulders and trail register


Hiking in Adirondack Park

West-Central Adirondacks Blue Ridge Wilderness

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