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Mount Colvin


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Mount Colvin is the thirty-ninth highest peak in the Adirondacks at 4057 feet. Mount Colvin is one of the better view peaks in the Adirondacks. From its mostly bald summit one can get a great view of Marcy, almost the entire Great Range with a really good look at Gothics, Armstrong, Saddleback. (from here you can see why it is called Saddleback) and the rest of the range to the NE and to the NW Allen. Looking north you can see Giant far in the distance with Nippletop and Dial in the foreground. To the SE one can see the high peaks of the Dix range on a very clear day and if you can find the open spot a little off the summit.

The normal route is to come from the E through the Adirondack Mountain Reserve down the Lake Road and then head up just before reaching Lower Ausable Lake. This is the normal day hike route and is not strenuous but can be long (4-6 hours in and the same out) but the trail is normally in excellent shape and there are a lot of nice waterfalls along its length. The trail can be a little disheartening as one passes the trial to Nippletop and there are many false summits before Colvin.

There are a number of other options for gaining this peak including coming up and over Dial and Nippletop first and the on to Colvin on usually camps at Elk pass is it is a 2 day trip. As well one can approach form the N by any one of a dozen routes or from the S from Elk Lake. All of these approaches requite at least 2 days of hiking as the trailheads are either quite a distance from peak and or large areas of private land have to be crossed where camping is not allowed.

Hikers or climbers approaching any of the peaks that branch off the Lake Road should be aware of the parking restrictions in the area.

The designated hikersí parking lot is just off NY 73 opposite the parking lot for the Roaring Brook Trail. This spot is 3 miles south of the High Peaks sign in Keen or 5.9 miles north of the junction of NY 9 and NY 73. From here it is about 0.5 of a mile hike west along the gravel road and past the golf course to the start of the Lake Road and the trailhead.

There is room for about 30-40 cars but on busy weekends it does fill early and there is no parking allowed anywhere else in the area except at designated sites. We have also have been asked to mention that dogs are absolutely PROHIBITED on AMR land. This is not a new rule, but one that has been enforced for over 100 years. Don't plan on taking your dog on this hike.



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