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Below are links to maps and trail descriptions to the eastern and Catskill sections of the Finger Lakes Trail.  These are designed to assist in planning your hike. Sections of the Finger Lakes Trail within Catskill Park are not as well used as other trails in the Catskills, so expect more brambles and other needle, thorny plants.  It is recommended that you wear pants & long sleeve shirts while hiking in this area.  Drinking water can also be difficult to find along the trail at times. 

Weather can be very different in the Catskills compared to other areas.  Be prepared for changing weather in the higher elevations.  Also be prepared for different terrain you will be hiking in the Catskill Mountains.  These are difficult up and downs. 

The trail also crosses through many lands of private landowners.  It is due to the generosity of these land owners that we have the privilege to hike through their property.  Please stay on the trail while on private property.  If the map doesn't match the blazes, use the blazes or even flags.  There may have been an update that we are unaware of. The Finger Lakes Trail Conference website has up to date trail conditions as well as hiking maps you can purchase from them.

Eastern & Catskill Sections of the Finger Lakes Trail
Susquehanna River Masonville Barbour Brook State Forest
Cannonsville Reservoir Bear Spring Mountain WMA Catskills - Campbell Mountain
Catskills - Brock Mountain Catskills - Mary Smith Hill Catskills - Middle Mountain
Catskills - Cabot Mountain Catskills - Big Pond Catskills - Mill Brook Ridge
Catskills - Fall Brook Catskills - Denning Trailhead  

Getter Hill Lean To

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