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Dix Mountain is the sixth highest peak in New York State at 4857 feet and is located roughly on the boundary between the towns of North Hudson and Keene in Essex County, New York.

Dix Mountain stands somewhat southeast of the main High Peaks region and is more difficult to reach. The trails to the summit are steep and challenging to climb. Dix Mountain is popular with serious hikers not only due to its status as a required peak for Adirondack Forty-Sixers but for open spectacular views of the region from its summit. The views are almost as good as those to be found at nearby Mount Marcy with far less crowds.

Dix is also the gateway to four other High Peaks in the Dix Range, all of them, unlike Dix itself, are officially trail less: Hough, Macomb, South Dix and East Dix. One of the most difficult Adirondack peak bagging challenges is to do all five in the same day; while many have, most hikers prefer to break the trips up into separate assaults on Dix and/or one of the others.

Hikers commonly choose to climb Dix from the south by taking the Hunter Pass Trail to from Elk Lake toward Hunters Pass and then on to Dix for a 7.3 mile one way hike. Some take Hunter Pass Trail to the Beckhorn Trail for a 6.6 mile one way hike.  Less frequently, a northern ascent can start from NY 73 via the Round Pond Trail for a 6.8 mile one way hike, however this route has an elevation gain of over 3400 feet. The other two routes have an elevation gain of just over 3000 feet.

To reach the popular trailhead near Elk Lake, take I-87 to exit 29. County Route 2 or Boreas Road west to Elk Lake Road.  Elk Lake Road to the trailhead near the end of the road.

To reach the northern trailhead, head south on NY 73 from Keene about 1.1 miles past the parking area at Chapel Pond (3.1 miles north or the Junction of US 9 and NY 73) The Start is marked with a small DEC sign and there is a small parking area just north of the trailhead. The parking area is small 4-6 cars. If there is no room, do not try and force the issue. If you park even a little off the side of the road your car could be towed while you are gone. Instead head down to the south trailhead at Elk Lake. Remember to sign the register and put you car plate number next to it and the number of days you will be gone as the forest rangers use this information when deciding to send out a search party or not.



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