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Devils Path


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The 25.2 mile Devils Path is one of the most popular trails in Catskill Park.  There is only one road crossing, which is NY 214 at Stony Clove Notch.  This makes the trail more remote and the road crossing creates a "western" and "eastern" section of the trail.  The trail has many fine view points along the way.  While many hikers do the Devils Path as a weekend backpacking trip, there are also many that do the trail in sections as day hikes.

The trail begins off County Route 16 (Platte Cove Road) at the corner of Prediger Road.  The Devils Path follows this road.  There is a parking area (limited) at the end of the road where the trail enters the forest.  The trail ends on County Route 6 (Spruceton Road).  The Long Path also follows the Devils Path briefly.  The Devils Path is marked with red DEC discs.

For a closer look of the eastern and western sections of the Devils Path, use the links above. Below is a point to point description of the Devils Path.
Mile Trail Description

Marked trail begins at the corner of Platte Clove Road and Prediger Road.  Follow paved Prediger Road following the red discs.


Limited parking at end of road.  Trail enters woods and crosses stream on bridge.


Junction of blue blazed Jimmy Dolan Notch Trail.  Continue straight following red discs.


Trail joins Old Overlook Road (right).


Turn right off old road and begin to ascend.


After steep ascent reach excellent viewpoint to the north.


Spectacular lookout after steep ascent.


Summit of Indian Head Mountain (3573 feet).


Jimmy Dolan Notch.  Blue blazed trail on right leads 1.6 mile back to Devils Path (Jimmy Dolan Notch Trail).


East peak of Twin Mountain.


Summit of Twin Mountain (3640 feet).


Pecoy Notch.  Junction on the right of the blue blazed Pecoy Notch Trail that leads 1.65 miles to Elka Park Road. 


Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain (3800 feet).


Junction of the blue blazed Mink Hollow Trail on your right that leads 2.55 miles to the Roaring Kill Trail and Elka Park Road.


Blue blazed Mink Hollow Trail turns left and leads 250 feet to a lean to and then to Mink Hollow Road.




Viewpoint to the east after a steep climb.


Summit of Plateau Mountain (3840 feet).


Excellent view to the north and west.  Begin a steady descent.


NY 214.  Stony Clove Notch.  Devils Tombstone State Campground is just to the south.  Cross road and stream, then begin ascent of Hunter Mountain.


On your right is the junction of the yellow disc Hunter Mountain Trail that leads 1.35 to the fire tower.


Devils Acre Lean To and Spring.


A short trail on your left leads to a lookout to the southwest.


Diamond Notch Falls.  To your right is the blue blazed Diamond Notch Trail that leads 0.7 mile to Spruceton Road.  Turn left, cross stream on bridge and then turn right following stream.  Straight ahead is the blue blazed Diamond Notch Trail that leads 0.5 mile to the Diamond Notch Lean To and then to Lanesville.  Following Red DEC Discs still.


Spring to your left.


After reaching top of ridge, pass large rock overhang (good emergency shelter).


Buck Ridge Lookouts.  Good views to the north, south and east.  Some call this the best view in the Catskills.


Westkill Mountain summit (3880 feet).


Summit of western peak.


Swamp in Mink Hollow, between North Dome and Westkill Mountains.


Reach County Route 6 (Spruceton Road) and the end of the Devils Path about 3.8 miles east of the village of West Kill.

Devils Path at the crossing of NY 214
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