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The Deer River Gorge may be one the least known gems in New York State. It may be due to its limited access or that much of the area is located on private property. The impressive gorge features three spectacular waterfalls, the inaccessible 166 foot High Falls, the accessible 25 foot King Falls and the 15 foot Deer River Falls that can be viewed from the NY 26 bridge. The Deer River Gorge is located in Lewis County, northwest of Lowville.

This area is off limits to all Fort Drum military personal according to signs all over the area. There is a 0.75 mile access road that leads toward King Falls that you can either walk down or bike down. This unmarked road is off of Roberts Road just east of Vorce Road. The access road ends in front of the fenced in power plant/dam that is located just above the falls. To reach the falls simply follow the fence down toward the river and then follow the edge of the river to a view of the falls. The area can fill with water quickly due to the dam, so be aware for your safety.

Looks like many folks also follow another edge of the fence toward the top of the falls. If you decide to follow this path, remember that the edge of the gorge is STEEP and dangerous. The river is wide below King Falls and somewhat deep for those trying to get closer to the falls without climbing the steep walls of the gorge. The 166 foot High Falls is completely inaccessible to the public, unless you know one of the land owners that surround the falls. We do not recommend any attempt to visit the High Falls.

Deer River Falls can be viewed right from the NY 26 bridge over the Deer River. Unfortunately when they built this bridge they made it narrow and put a pedestrian walkway on the opposite side of the waterfall. The best view of the falls is from the southbound lane of NY 26 on the bridge. There are paths that lead to the edge of the gorge from the bridge that can be slippery and dangerous. Be careful visiting this area.

NOTE (June 2016) - We received an email that states that the King Falls area was closed due to vandalism. It is heavily posted and the person that emailed me stated that cars will be towed from the gate. This was an unofficial email, so we are unsure of the validity of the email. It may be someone trying to keep people from the falls or it could be for real. Heads up.

Directions: From Lowville take NY 26 north out of the village. Deer River Falls is located at the NY 26 bridge over the Deer River. The GPS coordinates are N43 55.857 W75 35.412 for those who have a GPS devise. There is limited shoulder parking on the north side of the bridge. Take Roberts Road to the King Falls access road. The unmarked road GPS coordinated are N43 54.496 W75 37.766 for those who have a GPS devise. Park without blocking the gate, there is limited parking to the left of the gate.

To view the impressive gorge walls near High Falls and the dam above the falls from the road, drive County Route 55 toward Copenhagen. You can't miss the walls of the gorge on your left and the dam from the road. Remember that this area is heavily posted and the High Falls is inaccessible. Look below for a couple of pictures and a map of the Deer River Gorge, including the King Falls access road.


King Falls access road gate

King Falls

Deer River Falls

High Falls (picture courtesy of Derrick Reynolds)

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