Hiking in Adirondack Park

Central Adirondacks Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
Hiking in Adirondack Park
Central Adirondacks

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Crane Mountain


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Crane Mountain is in the Central Adirondacks in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest near Wevertown in Warren County. There are over five miles of marked hiking trails on the 3254 foot mountain.  There are many spectacular views from the open areas on the mountain, making this a very popular hike.  There is an elevation gain of over 1300 feet.  There are very steep sections on this short hike, but this tough hike is worth the view.

You can either just hike 1.4 miles to the summit or take a loop hike of  over three miles.  Not only is there a number great views of the area from lookouts around summit, but there is also a very scenic pond on the shoulder of the mountain.   You may encounter fishermen at the pond. There are two trails to the summit (both having very steep sections) which makes a loop trip possible. Occasionally there are nice views as you ascend either trail.  

In the vicinity of the outlet of Crane Pond is a faint herd path that travels to the ridge of the mountain. If you can find your way out there, you'll find a cliff with more views to enjoy.  This is not a marked trail and is more of a bushwhack, for those looking for a bit more adventure and to get away from the crowds on the main summit of Crane Mountain.  

The more direct route to the summit has a short ladder as well as a long ladder (about 30 feet long) near the top which avoids a short scramble on a rocky pitch.  Most dogs won't be able to climb these steep ladders and the second, longer ladder could make those hikers scared of heights hesitant to climb.  The ladder is bolted into the rock and is solid.  Be advised that in the spring, portions of the trail around the pond, and especially on the trail going up to the summit from the pond, will be covered with ice even while the trail in the valley is totally clear.

Directions:  From Wevertown take NY 8 south a short distance to Johnsburg.  Turn left on County Route 57 aka South Johnsburg Road.  In Thurman turn right on County Route 72 aka Garnett Lake Road.  In just over a mile veer right on Ski Hi Road.  Ski Hi Road steeply ascends to a gate.  Turn right and a parking area is 500 feet away.  The GPS coordinates are N43 32.250 W73 58.084 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.

Look below for a few pictures courtesy of and a few maps of this very popular hike.



View from Crane Mountain (courtesy of Andy Arthur)

View from Crane Mountain (courtesy of Andy Arthur)

Ladder to Crane Mountain (courtesy of Andy Arthur)

Crane Pond from Crane Mountain (courtesy of Andy Arthur)


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Hiking in Adirondack Park

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