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Cobb Loop


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This simple 1.5 mile loop hike is located on property donated to the Finger Lakes Trail Conference in 1998.  The Cobb Loop is a part of the 900+ mile Finger Lakes Trail System.  There is an overall elevation gain of 350 feet for this hike.  This trail is CLOSED during big game hunting season from Mid Nov to Mid Dec.  Please stay off the trails during this time.

Parking is off NY 242 northeast of Ellicottville, NY.

To help support this trail, please purchase the official map of this section of trail by visiting the Finger Lakes Trail Conference web site.  Look below for a map and trail description of this loop.

Cobb Campsite (photo courtesy of Kirk Doyle)

Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1704 ft

Parking area off NY 242.  Follow white blazes down mowed path.

0.1 1671 ft

Cross active railroad tracks, then cross Devereaux Brook on bridge.  Reach trail split and turn left on blue blazed Cobb Trail.  Following blue blazes now.

0.3 1703 ft

Trail turns right and ascends.

0.5 1895 ft

Cross the white blazed Finger Lakes/North Country Trail.  Continue straight.

0.6 1943 ft

Trail turns left.  Follow blue blazes.

0.75 2002 ft

Trail veers right.  Camping area.

0.85 1951 ft

Trail veers left.

0.95 1914 ft

Trail turns right.

1.1 1884 ft

End of Cobb Trail at junction of Finger Lakes/North Country Trail.  Turn left on FLT/NCT and now following white blazes.

1.35 1704 ft

Trail turns right.

1.4 1671 ft

Junction of Cobb Trail.  Follow FLT/NCT over bridge, then railroad tracks.  Follow mowed path back to parking area.  Following white blazes.

1.5 1704 ft

Parking area off NY 242 and end of this loop.

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