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Best of the North Country Trail in New York

Kershener Hill &
Pucker Bush Overlook


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This long 4.4 mile one way hike leads to a spectacular view at the Pucker Bush Overlook (pano above) with numerous views to enjoy along the way.  This is a long 8.8 mile round trip hike as part of our "Best of the North Country Trail in New York", however you can split up the hike into a couple of hikes if you wanted to.  The many views makes it worth each mile of the hike.

This entire hike is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY and there is no camping or fires allowed on this section of the North Country Trail, except at Hickory Hill Lean To (built in 2011).  The NCT coincides with Finger Lakes Trail along this section.  The elevation profile on the map below is just one way.

From Sand Pit Road, follow the white blazes into the woods as you immediately ascend Kershener Hill.  After just 0.1 mile of hiking, there are views of Hickory Hill on your right.  After 0.65 miles you'll enter and follow the edge of a corn field.  Views open up to your right and behind you as you ascend the field.

After passing a pond on your right at 1.5 miles, there is an opening.  This "opening" is a blue blazed trail that leads 0.7 miles steeply on your right to Hickory Hill Campground.  After crossing under power lines, the trail briefly enters a field and your rewarded with more views.  Hickory Hill Lean To (built in 2011) with a privy and fire ring is located nearby the trail.  At 2.55 miles there is a trail register and then the trail skirts a corn field.  If you walk 50 feet from the trail toward the field, there are some views.

Next your following an old road as you descend toward dirt Robbins Road, which is reached after hiking 3.05 miles.  There is parking here if you decide to split up this long hike.  The GPS coordinates are N42 23.198 W77 18.880 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.  Follow Robbins Road for 0.3 miles before turning back into the woods as the road bends to the left.  At 3.9 miles you'll enter a large field and begin to follow the edge of the field. 

Soon the views begin to open up.  As you reach two perfectly placed stone benches along the trail, the view engulfs you.  Hickory Hill, Harrisburg Hollow, Kershener Hill are all in front of you.  A perfect place to sit and have lunch.  It's just a short walk to a trail register and your final stop at the Pucker Bush Overlook at 4.4 miles.  Simply retrace your steps to return to your vehicle on Sand Pit Road.

Directions:  From Bath, NY take NY 415 North to Spaulding Drive.  Turn right on Harrisburg Hollow Road and then right on Sand Pit Road.  There is parking on the shoulder of road across where the trail enters the woods.  The GPS coordinates are N42 21.275 W77 20.110 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.  To reach Robbins Road, continue on Harrisburg Hollow Road.

Mile Elevation Description  (Follow white blazes)
0.0 1245 ft

This hike starts as the trail turns left off Sand Pit Road.  Follow white blazes.  Hiking on PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Ascend.  Parking along shoulder of road.  There is NO CAMPING or FIRES allowed on this section of trail.

0.1 1341 ft

Trail turns left.  Soon views to your left.

0.65 1551 ft

Entering edge of corn field.  Follow edge of field.  Soon great views to your right and behind you.

1.1 1662 ft

Entering woods.

1.5 1632 ft

Pass pond on your right.

1.55 1626 ft

Opening.  Blue blazed (hard to see blazes) trail on your right leads 0.7 miles steeply to Hickory Hill Campground.

1.65 1620 ft

Pass under power lines.

1.75 1671 ft

Trail turns right, enters field and then re-enters woods.  Hickory Hill Lean To (built in 2011)

2.0 1690 ft

Trail turns left.

2.55 1801 ft

Trail register.

2.65 1769 ft

View 50 feet left of trail in corner of corn field.  Soon enter edge of "pit" before descending on old road.

2.95 1612 ft

Trail veers right along old road.  Look for old wall on your right prior to turn.

3.05 1525 ft

Reach Robbins Road.  Parking.  Turn left and follow dirt road.

3.35 1583 ft

At bend in road, trail goes straight into woods following old woods road.  Limited parking on side of road.

3.9 1773 ft

Trail enters field.  Trail follows edge of field, then dirt road along edge of field.

4.1 1820 ft

Views start.  Continue to follow dirt road along edge of field.

4.35 1915 ft

Stone benches.  Spectacular views.

4.4 1910 ft

Pucker Bush Overlook.  Trail Register.  Last of the views.  Turn around and retrace your steps.

Pictures from along the trail

Trailhead off Sand Pit Road

North Country Trail

Robbins Road trailhead

View from corn field along the North Country Trail near Bath

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