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Aldrich Pond
Wild Forest


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The 26,702 acre Aldrich Pond Wild Forest is located in the Northwestern Adirondacks, southwest of the small hamlet of Star Lake and west of Cranberry Lake. The area does not get as many visitors as other areas, but is popular with those who enjoy primitive camping. There are a few hiking/biking trails and a few bushwhack opportunities.

The most popular destination of Aldrich Pond Wild Forest is Streeter Lake. This lake features a very busy lean to, camping area and sandy beach. Streeter Lake Road has 11 roadside designated primitive campsites along the road as it makes its way toward the lake. The road follows an old railroad grade. It is a seasonal dirt road. Streeter Lake is on the border with the Five Ponds Wildernesss. The road is gated at the outlet of Skeeter Lake, so you have to hike the last 0.5 miles to reach the lean to.

Round Lake is also a popular hike in this remote area. We also suggest exploring Greenwood Creek State Forest, which is located close by off NY 3 just outside of Adirondack Park. There is a list of destinations, a few pictures and a few maps below. Two of the maps are courtesy of Andy Arthur from We suggest checking out Adirondack Trail Guide - Western Region and Old Forge, Oswegatchie: Adirondack Park (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) to help you plan your Adirondack hiking adventure.

Aldrich Pond Wild Forest Hiking Trails:

Skeeter Lake Trail - travels 0.5 miles from the end of Skeeter Lake Road to near the lean to. The trail continues on as the Francis Hill Trail.

Tamarack Creek Trail - travels 3.5 miles from Youngs Road to Streeter Lake. The trail follows Tamarack Creek as well as being the border for Aldrich Wild Forest and Five Ponds Wilderness for most of the time.

Francis Hill Trail - travels 4.1 miles south from Streeter Lake to Bassett Creek. It passes along the shore of the Middle Branch Oswegatchie River for a short time. Part of the time the trail follows the border of the Five Ponds Wilderness.

Round Lake Trail - travels 2.1 miles to the shore of Round Lake. There is a 300 foot elevation gain to the lake. The trail passes a large wetland referred to as the Scuttle Hole, which was a busy logging operation area.

Maple Hill Trail - travels 0.9 miles from Jackworks Trail south to a scenic stretch of the Middle Branch Oswegatchie River.

Jackworks Trail - travels from Mullins Flow Road towards Streeter Lake. The may be tough to follow at times and gets flooded by beaver activity, especially in the area near Pins Creek.

Mink Creek Trail - this travels travels to Mink Creek from Tyler Road.

Long Lake Trail - this remote trail travels from Tyler Road to Long Lake and beyond. There is no bridge over Mink Creek.

Gulf Stream Trail - travels about one mile from Dobbs Road to the stream. The "Gulf" is another 0.2 miles upstream via bushwhack.

Wagon Box Corners Trail - travels from Tyler Road to Streeter Lake Road.

Mullins Marsh Creek Trail - travels from Jackworks Trail along Mullins Marsh Creek.

Little River Trail - travels from a large parking area near Readway Ponds to the Little River and the Little River Falls.

Destinations in Aldrich Pond Wild Forest

Streeter Lake Round Lake Long Lake
South Creek Lake Jackworks Trail The Gulf
Pins Creek Maple Hill Trail Crystal Lake
Bassetts Creek Loop Colvin's Great Corner Little River Falls
Maple Mountain Cliffs Jenny Creek Little River

DEC sign at start of Streeter Lake Road

Designated campsite #3 along Streeter Lake Road

Streeter Lake Road (courtesy of Andy Arthur)

Streeter Lake (courtesy of Andy Arthur)


Hiking in Adirondack Park

Hiking in St Lawrence County

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