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AT Hiking Guide - North Carolina
Bly Gap to Fontana Dam
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Hiking guide with descriptions and maps for the Appalachian Trail as it travels in NC from Bly Gap to Fontana Dam. The guide is broken down by 6 sections of the AT. The book comes to you delivered as a pdf file via email. Use the buy now button and we will send you the file via email usually within 24 hours of receiving payment. Happy Hiking!

You'll find information about the 88 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina between Bly Gap and Fontana Dam by using the links above will take you to web pages with a detailed description, pictures as well as maps of different sections of the AT between Bly Gap and Fontana Dam.  The links above will give you a closer look at the trail to assist in planning your AT adventure.

At Bly Gap the AT leaves Georgia and enters North Carolina.  Here the trail enters the Nantahala National Forest.  Nantahala is Cherokee for 'land of the noonday sun'.  The largest of North Carolina's four National Forests, the Nantahala encompasses 531,148 acres with elevations ranging from 5,800 feet at Lone Bald in Jackson County to 1,200 feet in Cherokee County along Hiwassee River.

There are many memorable places along this long stretch of the Appalachian Trail including Albert Mountain, Wayah Bald, Copper Ridge Bald, Rocky Bald, Wesser Bald, Jump-up Lookout, Swim Bald, Cheoah Bald and Fontana Dam.  Thru hikers will find a visitor center with restrooms and showers located at Fontana Dam.


Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the AT in NC (Bly Gap to Fontana Dam section)
78.5 3825 feet NC-GA State Line
78.6 3840 feet Bly Gap
80.5 4300 feet Sassafras Gap
81.4 4600 feet Muskrat Creek Shelter
82.2 4620 feet Whiteoak Stamp
82.4 4700 feet Chunky Gal Trail
83.3 4490 feet Wateroak Gap
85.4 4341 feet Deep Gap, USFS 71, Kimsey Creek Trail
86.3 4760 feet Standing Indian Shelter
87.8 5498 feet Standing Indian Mountain, Lower Trail Ridge Trail
90.7 4460 feet Beech Gap
93.5 4700 feet Timber Ridge Trail
93.9 4530 feet Carter Gap Shelter
97.6 4300 feet Betty Creek Gap
98.5 4400 feet Mooney Gap, USFS 83
98.8 4500 feet Spring
99.8 4790 feet Bearpen Trail, USFS 67
100.1 5250 feet Albert Mountain
102.5 2500 feet Long Branch Shelter
103.5 4160 feet Glassmine Gap
106.0 3760 feet Rock Gap Shelter
106.1 3750 feet Rock Gap, Wasilik Poplar, Standing Indian Campground
106.7 3738 feet Wallace Gap, Old US 64
109.8 3770 feet Winding Stair Gap, US 64 (Franklin, NC 28734)
110.7 3970 feet Campsite
110.9 4100 feet Swinging Lick Gap
111.8 4480 feet Panther Gap
114.0 4600 feet Siler Bald Shelter
115.7 4180 feet Wayah Gap, SR 1310
117.5 4900 feet USFS 69
118.0 5290 feet Wine Spring
119.9 5342 feet Wayah Bald
120.3 5200 feet Campsite
120.8 4480 feet Wayah Shelter
122.1 4440 feet Licklog Gap
124.4 4236 feet Burningtown Gap, SR 1397
125.6 4920 feet Cold Spring Shelter
126.3 5080 feet Copper Ridge Bald Lookout
127.5 5030 feet Trail to Rocky Bald Lookout
127.8 4900 feet Spring
129.2 3850 feet Tellico Gap, SR 1365
130.6 4627 feet Wesser Bald Observation Tower
131.3 4100 feet Spring
131.4 4115 feet Wesser Creek Trail, Wesser Bald Shelter
133.0 4000 feet Jump Up Lookout
136.3 2300 feet A. Rufus Morgan Shelter
137.1 1723 feet Nantahala River, US 19, US 74, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Wesser, NC (Bryson City, NC 28713)
138.7 2390 feet Wright Gap
140.2 3050 feet Grassy Gap
143.1 4710 feet Swim Bald
144.0 4330 feet Sassafras Gap Shelter
145.2 5062 feet Cheoah Bald
147.6 3690 feet Locust Cove Gap
148.6 3700 feet Simp Gap
150.7 3165 feet Stecoah Gap, NC 143
151.7 3270 feet Sweetwater Gap
153.1 3800 feet Brown Fork Gap Shelter
153.3 3600 feet Brown Fork Gap
155.1 3540 feet Hogback Gap
155.9 3600 feet Cody Gap
158.3 2980 feet Yellow Creek Gap, SR 1242
159.2 2880 feet Cable Gap Shelter
160.6 3490 feet Black Gum Gap
162.0 3450 feet Walker Gap, Yellow Creek Trail
162.4 3200 feet Campsite
164.7 1810 feet NC 28 (Fontana Dam, NC 28733)
165.8 1775 feet Fontana Dam Shelter
166.1 1770 feet Fontana Dam Visitor Center

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