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Onondaga Trail, Wiltsey Glen, Rose Hollow, Chippewa Falls, Randall Hill, Potter Hill


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This section of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail begins at the corner of Cheningo Solon Rd and Freeman Road.  The trail follows Freeman Road for a short while until it turns left off the road at an old farmhouse, which is now a hunt club.  The trail heads uphill into Cuyler Hill State Forest and to the summit of Potter Hill (elevation 1980 feet).

The trail winds to the very scenic Wiltsey Glen and passes by Rose Hollow, which can be reached by a short side trail (orange blazes) that leads into the hollow to a camping area.  From here the trail ascends Randall Hill (elevation 2087 feet) before descending to a memorial bench and then ascending toward the first crossing of seasonal dirt Stoney Brook Road.

FLT thru hiker Kirk Doyle takes a break with his dogs Dakota & Scarlet at Wiltsey Glen

Soon the trail reaches a trail resgiter at "Three Trails Junction" and the southern terminus of the Onondaga Trail, where the NCT turns and follows this blue blazed trail.  The old Finger Lakes Trail dead ends at Chippewa Falls and is closed past this point by private landowner.  There is currently a gap in the FLT here.  Currently the FLT follows the blue blazed Onondaga Trail briefly.  The old FLT is now the orange blazed Chippewa Falls Trail.

This section ends back onto Stoney Brook Road.  There are views to enjoy here.  Because of the numerous seasonal dirt roads in Cuyler Hill State Forest, this area is easily accessible and this creates numerous loop options in the state forest.

We have a video of the FLT/NCT from Potter Hill-Cemetery Rd to Randall Hill Rd featuring Wiltsey Glen, a map and detailed description of the trail below.
Mile Elevation Trail Description
0.0 1439 ft

Trail crosses Cheningo Solon Pond Rd (parking) and follows Freeman Rd.  Follow white blazes.

0.5 1570 ft

Enter Cuyler Hill State Forest

1.3 1980 ft

Potter Hill summit

1.7 1683 ft

Trail crosses dirt Potter Hill Cemetery Rd.

1.8 1655 ft

Trail crosses dirt Jipson Hill Road aka Klondike Rd.

2.5 1812 ft

Trail again crosses dirt Potter Hill Cemetery Rd.

3.8 1727 ft

Arrive at Wiltsey Glen.  Camping area on right.

4.1 1773 ft

Trail crosses dirt Randall Hill Road and then passes a trail register.

4.4 1898 ft

JCT with orange blazed trail on left that leads 0.2 mile to Rose Hollow.

6.0 2087 ft

Randall Hill summit

6.8 1940 ft

Trail crosses dirt Stoney Brook Rd

6.9 1969 ft

Three Trails Junction.  Trail Register. NCT/FLT split, trail turns left and begin to follow blue blazes.  The orange blazed Chippewa Falls Trail goes straight.

7.1 1895 ft

Reach Stoney Brook Rd (parking).  Views.


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