Hiking in Adirondack Park

Adirondack Fire Towers The 46 ADK High Peaks

Hiking in Adirondack Park

Adirondack Fire Towers

Mount Adams


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The 3520 foot Mount Adams is a hidden gem in the Adirondacks!  Cross the Hudson River on foot on a swinging iron suspension bridge with the river cascading beneath you as seen through the wide mesh crosswalk. Navigate Lake Jimmy on a floating rustic plank wood boardwalk. Climb a rugged 1800 vertical feet in 1.6 miles to an eighty seven year old Adirondack fire tower. Climb the newly renovated tower and feast your eyes on one of the most spectacular wilderness vistas east of the Mississippi River.

Just after a few minutes on the trail you encounter the Hudson River and a relic from the past, a swinging iron suspension bridge that is supported only on each side of the river. Each step you take makes the bridge sway and roll with your body weight from side to side. There is also the accompaniment of the creaking and groaning that swaying metal bridges make. You are walking on large iron meshwork so you can look right down and see the Hudson River right under you.

Once past the Hudson River a level walk takes you to Lake Jimmy. There is a long wood plank bridge to walk on to shortcut right across the lake. Looking off the footbridge offers close up views of aquatic life and a profusion of lily pads. Now that you have experienced two different types of water crossings in less than a mile you a ready to find and climb the trail to the Mount Adams fire tower. After less than 10 minutes of walking and passing a long abandoned wood shack there is a cairn on the left at 0.8 miles which signifies the start of the fire tower trail.

At first the trail ascends gradually however the grade becomes steeper and steeper as there is 1800 feet of elevation to be gained in 1.6 miles. After taking breathers and scrambling ever upward the tower is reached. The summit itself is shrouded in trees and there are no views from the summit itself. The steps on the tower beckon to you and as you climb the stairs and get above tree line the vistas are absolutely spectacular.

Directions:  I-87 to North Hudson at Exit 29 and drive towards Newcomb on Blue Ridge Road (Route 28).  At approximately 18 miles turn onto Lower Works Road and then onto Upper Works Road. These roads were developed by the early McIntyre Iron Works and now provide a superb access for hikers as these roads penetrate deep into the high peaks wilderness. Just before arriving at the trailhead, off the road to the right is a huge abandoned stone blast furnace from the original McIntyre Iron Works business. Park the car at the trailhead with trails leading to Flowed Lands, Mount Adams and Mount Allen.


Hiking in Adirondack Park

Northville-Placid Trail The 46 ADK High Peaks

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