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Arab Hill


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This 4.2 mile loop hike utilizes portions of the North Country Trail, the main park trail, park nature trail, and the park crossover trail.  You will pass two shelters during the hike and enjoy the views from the Skyline Lodge at either the start or finish of your hike.  This loop hike is completely in Highland Forest County Park, located just east of Fabius, NY.

You can also add or subtract from this loop to create a longer or smaller loop hike.  The Arab Hill Loop is in solid red on the map below.  The visitor center located in Skyline Lodge has free park maps which highlight all the park trails.  There are many bike trails also in this county park.

Mileage Elevation Description
0.0 1667 feet

Start at the North Country Trail Kiosk located to the right of Skyline Lodge.  Follow the blue blazes heading east away from lodge and into forest.  You will see a FLT sign.


0.3 1627 feet

Main park trail veers left.  Turn right and continue to follow blue blazes of the North Country Trail. 


0.4 1655 feet

Cross the Limestone Trail.  Stay straight following the blue blazes.  If you turn right, this trail will take you back to Skyline Lodge for a short 0.8 mile loop hike.  Begin to ascending up Arab Hill.

0.9 1896 feet

Jct with main park trail.  Veer right, continue following blue blazes & main park trail.


1.1 1889 feet

North Country Trail turns right at the double blaze and heads toward Deruyter Lake.  Stay straight on the main park trail. Soon trail follows dirt road.


1.2 1917 feet

Main Trail veers left under the power lines and continues to follow dirt road.  

1.4 1935 feet

Pass microwave tower and then arrive at Arab Hill Shelter (picnic table).  Here the main trail & crossover trail split.  Turn right before shelter and begin to follow the crossover trail.  LONGER LOOP OPTION:  Turn left and follow main trail for a 8 mile loop.  Pick up description below at 2.4 miles (after 5 miles along main trail).



1.7 1845 feet

Cross main park road.  Continue straight following dirt road next to power lines.  This is still the crossover trail, however not many markers on this section. 

NOTE:  Turn right on main park road and this will lead you back to the Skyline Lodge in 1.3 miles (3 mile loop option) via short cut trail (see below at 3.7 miles).


2.3 1763 feet

Crossover Trail turns right away from power lines, then veers left.


2.4 1691 feet

Reach main junction of North Country Trail & main park trail next to stream.  Turn right and begin to follow blue blazes of the North Country Trail.  A few bridges over branch streams of the Tioughnioga River for the next 0.2 miles.


2.6 1599 feet

Cross branch of Tioughnioga River, then reach Tioughnioga Shelter with two picnic tables.  Lowest point of hike, begin to ascend again.


3.1 1729 feet

Cross dirt road. 

3.2 1728 feet

Junction with the park nature trail.  veer right (straight) and follow nature trail.  This section can be hard to follow as it is not as well used as other park trails.


3.7 1693 feet

Reach main park road and stop sign.  Turn right at stop sign and follow blue blazes & maintenance road.

3.9 1677 feet

Trail veers left off dirt road toward sign.  Stay straight at main trail jct & follow blue blazes.


4.14 1667 feet

Reach main parking lot & Skyline Lodge, NCT Kiosk.  Check the view before you leave!


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